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Project Management

Peak's Project Management team manages each and every project, from onset thru installation. Every project at Peak is assigned a project manager. The members on this team possess high organizational skills, they have strong inter-personal skills, they are excellent problem solvers and they are focused on delivery. This team ensures that Peak delivers a product that is exactly what Peak quoted and that we meet the customer's delivery date.

Our Project Management team also gives oversight to Peak's Quality program and assists in ensuring that Peak's processes and procedures are followed throughout the duration of every project. This team manages by deliverables and they are always knowledgeable about the project's daily status.

Our Project Management staff listens, leads and delivers! They listen intently to our customer's needs, they respond appropriately and they help achieve optimal solutions; solutions which address all specifications, safety, ergonomic issues, and budget and delivery requirements.

Our Project Management team delivers Peak Performance!