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Quality Policy Abstract

Committed to Quality Excellence in every aspect of our business that we may provide our customers with unmatched value, operate professionally and remain profitable.

Quality Policy

  • Peak Industries designs and manufactures products which are safe, user friendly, reliable, easily maintained and provide value for the customer, while allowing the company to prosper as a business and provide a reasonable profit.
  • Peak Industries operates and monitors a quality system that complies with ISO9001 and ISO14001.
  • Peak Industries provides products and services of a quality that meets the initial and continuing needs and expectations of customers, in relation to the price paid and to the nature of competitive offerings.
  • Peak Industries quality equals or exceeds competitive quality. Quality extends and permeates all phases of the company.

Peak's management commitment to the corporate quality philosophy is the driving force for the company. Our quality philosophy affects everything we do and the way we do it. It guides our thoughts, our processes and our actions.

Peak's quality program and processes and procedures are active, reliable and continually improving. Daily adherence to our quality system is part of our company culture. Company measurables are unanimously developed, clearly defined, monitored monthly and keep the Peak team focused on continuous improvement.

The Peak Team is committed to quality always and everywhere.

Corporate Social Responsibility Beliefs and Expectations

The principles stated below are embraced by Peak Industries. The documentation of Corporate Social Responsibility Beliefs and Expectations informs every company in our Supply Chain that they share in the adherence of these practices.

  • Child Labor:
    Peak Industries supports the effective abolition of exploitative child labor. Children will not be employed, except in cases such as apprenticeships or training where the individual clearly benefits and participates freely.
  • Environment:
    Peak Industries supports a precautionary approach to environmental challenges and will participate in and encourage development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.
  • Ethics:
    Peak Industries will not take receipt of any gift, loan, fee, or reward or other advantage from any person, as an inducement to do something which is dishonest or illegal.
  • Equal Opportunities:
    Peak Industries undertakes to uphold equal opportunities with respect to employment and to refrain from discrimination in any form, unless national law expressly provides for selection according to specific criteria. Discrimination against employees based on gender, race, disability, origin, religion, age or sexual orientation is not acceptable.
  • Forced Labor:
    Peak Industries condemns all forms of forced and compulsory labor.
  • Freedom of Association:
    Peak Industries acknowledges that all employees and all employers have the right to freely form and join groups for the promotion and defense of their occupational interests.
  • Human Rights:
    Peak Industries respects and supports compliance with internationally accepted human rights.
  • Protection of Health and Safety:
    Peak Industries ensures health and safety at the workplace, to a level no less than required by national legislation and supports the continuous improvement of working conditions.
  • Suppliers' Charge:
    Peak Industries urges its suppliers to introduce and implement equivalent principles in their own companies, if they have not already done so. Hopefully, together, we can collectively foster a culture which is committed to sustainable business practices and promotes corporate environmental and social responsibility.
  • Working Conditions:
    Peak Industries is opposed to all exploitative working conditions.
  • Working Hours:
    Peak Industries guarantees compliance with national regulations regarding working hours and the six (6) normal paid holidays.

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