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Ergo-Arm System

ergo arm system A steel ball bearing would have a smooth, slick ride along the even gap that separates the front bumper and fascia on a vehicle. That close, consistent gap is created with Peak's special alignment fixture. The fixture is mounted on and manipulated by an Ergo-Arm, Peak's versatile lifting and handling system.

The pneumatically operated fixture is a modular device consisting of a welded frame, cross-arms, locating blocks, slides, and clamps. It is used to move the front bumper into its designed position next to the fascia as the truck chassis moves down the line. The fixture compensates for manufacturing tolerances that otherwise might result in an uneven and noticeable gap separating the bumper and fascia.

The vehicle chassis arrives at the work station with the bumper hanging loosely in its approximate final position. One operator, using the Ergo-Arm, moves the fixture to place locating pads on the sides of the radiator, establishing the fixture's correct lateral position. Other moves of the fixture establish the longitudinal and vertical positions.

At this point, the fixture frame is locked into final position and clamped to the chassis. The Ergo-Arm operator then proceeds to actuate two slides and two forks with rollers to move the bumper into place on the chassis. Finally, two operators, using nut runners, secure the bumper to the chassis with four bolts.

As in most other applications to date, the Peak Ergo-Arm hangs from an overhead bridge (carriage) that rides on rails. The cylinder-actuated arm has an integral handle and control buttons. A balance system that produces zero gravity enables the operator to raise and lower the arm and its load with the touch of a finger and with essentially no effort.

Three buttons are used to control the arm. A High Balance Button puts the arm in a transport mode. A Balance Fixture Button produces the zero gravity condition and the Low Balance Button permits the arm to be locked in position when a fixed holding mode is required.

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